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Date:2014-06-23 18:44

I opened an account here when Scans_Daily opened an account here. Well, I've since stopped caring about Scans_Daily, and as you can see, I don't care about my personal journal here either. So if you want to see where I do care:


See you there.

Date:2014-03-04 09:12
Subject:Still alive.

For now, anyway. Is anyone else alive on this thing?

Date:2010-09-05 22:28
Subject:What could this be?

A comic on the internet, of course! Behold its feeble majesty!

Expect one tomorrow, and the day after that, and so on.

Date:2009-12-05 15:35
Subject:Sacré bleu! Ils sont déjà arrivés!

Alors! C'est la Journée Mondiale du Ninja! Célébrez en silence!

Date:2009-10-22 09:11
Subject:What is this odd thing?

It seems that there are many places on the 'net to post your words, and this place is one of them. I already have an account on LJ, but I thought I'd get one here, too. I may regret this, but we'll see.

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